The world is a precious setting, you are its unique pearl…

The Director’s Editorial

Directrice Okana Pearl“When the mysteries of pearl are revealed, so the magic and sense of grace come down through the ages, sudden floods : Pearl, a divine creation offered to humanity. No need to upgrade it, just set it to sublimate and reveal its unique character…

From its heavenly legend at birth in the earthly paradise, the cultured pearl of Tahiti is the result from the symbiosis between nature and man. He will bring “her” all his attention, adorn it with thousand lights in order to reveal to the world its bursts of colors drawn from the crystalline waters of the Polynesian atolls…”

Welcome on this site devoted to this ocean gem… You will not find here pearls or jewelry collections, Okana Pearl Consulting & Training’s barely aim to communicate its passion for this “Queen of pearls” and thus guide you, inform and advise in your journey towards knowledge of this unique gem.

Its director, Ms. Jeanne Lecourt, is honored today to pass on her 25 years experience devoted to this gift of our blue planet…

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  • « Jeanne is a very active and resourceful person, she is highly skilled and has a vast knowledge on pearls. Under her supervision, I could learn a lot on the pearl market during both my work with her and the seminars she made on pearls in general. These seminars are great lessons for anyone working in the pearl business or interested by it. »
    Philippe Poirine
  • «Jeanne Lecourt ist eine wandelnde Perlen Bibel. Sie hat nicht nur grosses Wissen sondern gibt dieses Wissen auch in einer sehr professionellen Art weiter. Ihre Leidenschaft ist die Perle, allen voran die „ Tahiti Perle“ mit ihren wunderbaren Farben. Wer mit Jeanne in Verbindung kommt, wird automatisch von dieser Leidenschaft angesteckt. Ich danke ihr für alles was ich von  ihr lernen konnte»
    Sabine Quiatol
    Responsable Musée de la perle Robert Wan 2007
  • « Jeanne Lecourt nous fait partager sa passion pour les perles de culture de Tahiti à travers un Study Tour aussi riche qu’émouvant. La perle est un joyau de la nature: elle reflète la beauté et la diversité des couleurs des lagons des célèbres îles polynésiennes. Mais elle est aussi le fruit de la passion des perliculteurs qui pendant des années prennent soins des huîtres perlières et préservent cette tradition riche de plus de 50 ans. Découvrez ce voyage initiatique unique au coeur de la perle ! »
    Rédactrice en chef - Guide Joaillier
  • « In my profession there is no place for information being “only to nearly”. So on the subject of cultured pearl of Tahiti I had the best coach, who is more than passionate about this wonder of nature … and today I’m proud to relay the information to our visitors and make them want to get a nice gift:
    Better know the pearl of Tahiti and maybe go home with the one of their dreams!
    Thank you Jeanne for your passion and this wonderful present you offer us in each of your action: accurate knowledge is certainly one of the most important gift to become a good ambassador of the ocean gem! »
    Nadia Roustan
    2006 – Museum of Robert Wan, French Polynesia

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